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The wedding day is a bride's most important day in her life.

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At My Lace Bridal, we understand the importance of this day and believe brides should feel nothing less than perfect on their wedding day. My Lace Bridal excellence in design and impeccable craftsmanship to produce a bride's ideal gown for her most treasured moment.

Our designs feature lavish fabrics with decadent beading and detailing, tailored to comfort using our unique method. At My Lace Bridal, dresses are made to accentuate a bride's most beautiful side by personalizing every dress.

In 2007, My Lace Bridal began servicing the high quality needs of the Japanese market and has continued to maintain high standards in the wedding dresses we produce. Since then, we have expanded to include European and American clients to meet their preference for classic yet fashionable gowns. With our international experience servicing a multitude of different clients, we are able to offer our wide range of designs accumulated over 11 years. We also offer size customization services for most of our dresses.

We take great pride in being able to offer wedding dresses that are unique. From the hand beaded and exquisite lace, to the fit and comfort, each dress is made to order one at a time, ensuring the precise desires of every bride-to-be are reflected in every way.